Becoming a Cam Girl at the Age of 40


Just Google the keyword ‘cam girl’ and you will find a lot of guides telling you, ‘how to become a cam girl?’ Most of them are confusing and after reading them you just end up more bewildered about this high-earning yet passive income stream. Yes, this cam girl thing is one of the most lucrative passive income streams out there. According to Alec Helmy, the publisher of XBIZ, a sex-trade industry journal, webcam modeling is now "the engine of the porn industry". An established and serious webcam model (another name for Camgirl) can earn more than 20,000 USD a month – even some may earn as high as 100,000 USD a month! That's more than 10 times what I made when cheap phone sex was my main niche.

Because of such great returns, the profession of cam girl or webcam modeling is becoming increasingly popular among ladies, and therefore with each passing day, more and more ladies are joining this industry. Webcam modeling is not only becoming popular in the US and Europe but the industry is getting hold in other regions of the world like Asia as well.

As an established webcam model from Pakistan, I am gonna share with you my story of becoming a cam girl and subsequent success in the field. I will also tell you some pro tips and tricks for becoming a successful webcam model.

First of all, my name is Zara, and to be honest, I am not a teenie – I am in my 40s. I joined this niche back in 2018 and now I am a full-time webcam model on one of the popular webcamming sites. My average monthly income from this profession is more than 15000 USD and here I am going to share some tips so that any inspiring cam girl can benefit.

Most of the newbie webcam models are a bit confused about the profession of webcam modeling (I was also in my early days) and it is completely natural. So here, I am briefly describing webcam modeling and cam girl.

Webcam modeling or cam modeling is a specific niche of the porn industry and in this niche, the performer, usually female (cam girl), performs erotic acts for entertaining her audiences, usually male, virtually. The male audiences in return pay the model for her services. Camgirl registers herself over webcamming sites and she gets paid by her on-site fans. Webcamming platforms charge a commission and the rest of the amount is transferred to the webcam model’s account.

On the other hand, the female erotic performer is known as a cam girl, webcam model, or cam model. Nudity and sexual performances are at the heart of webcamming and therefore usually teenie and young ladies excel in this industry. For mature ladies like me, the industry is pretty challenging. However, like me, you can also excel if you follow my advice, so just hang on.

How to Become a Cam Girl at the Age of 40?

Young clits are attractive but experienced clits are alluring. Mature ladies are the fantasy of most of the young male population. Therefore, at the age of forty, you can still play on these mommy-fantasies of young and energetic dudes.

And webcamming sites are the best means of finding these young males who are desperate for their virtual mommies. At the age of forty, you can earn a handsome amount by showing off your erotic skills. But for doing that, you will need to join the right camming platform, and then making an attractive cam girl profile. Also, you will need some technical equipment and a sexy camming studio. I went through all of these steps and here is my advice for newbies.

Opting the Best Cam Site

There are many webcamming sites out there but mainly two types of camming sites exist, token sites and private sites. The majority of the sites are token sites. In token sites, a webcam model has a virtual room, and visitors join the room. In the room, the cam girl performs and in return is paid and tipped by the audience via tokens. Tokens are special virtual currency. Customers buy them from the website and then spend on the webcam models of their choice. Besides, a webcam model can choose any of the fans from the chat room and can switch to private messaging. In private messaging, the cam girl gives her dedicated attention to one fan and the fan pays a higher amount. Most of the sites use tokens but some sites use their own names for this virtual currency.

On the other hand, in private sites, there is no general chat room. And you will be chosen by any of the members/fans who will request a private show. A price is fixed for the private show.

Similarly, there are sites where any age group can join as a webcam model and there are others that are dedicated only for a certain age and kinks. For instance, there are dedicated mature webcamming, teenie webcamming, and gay webcamming sites.

Choosing the right webcamming site is the most critical phase of the webcam modeling journey. I joined the token and dedicated mature webcamming site. Because joining a token site is less stressful for newbies. And dedicated mature lady platform means that all the boys/males are in search of their favorite mommy/female BDSM model. In addition to these considerations, you must join the site with huge traffic as huge traffic means you have more chances of getting noticed by a sex-hungry audience. Once you have figured out the right platform, then joining it as a webcam model is the next logical step. Joining any of these sites is easy and the process may take a few days to a week.

Creating an Attractive Profile

After choosing the right platform, the next thing is the creation of an eye-catchy modeling profile. For creating a seducing profile, you need to define your personality. For instance, if you want to play a mom-son role then you will need a different name and if you are inclined towards some fetish Mistress role then you have to come up with a different profile name.

Apart from your profile name, you need to expose your skin in your profile pictures. After all webcamming is all about nudity and your audience is up for seeing your curves. If you have great boobs, show them and if your ass is mesmerizing then show up your buttocks -- the point is to show your cleavage and more skin in your profile thumbnails.

Last but not the least; you should wear a warm smile in your profile photo. A smile is an indication that you are completely into it. The smile makes you friendly and therefore a great smile will make you stand out from the rest. This trio is the recipe of the profile of a top webcamming model.

Technical Equipment Needed for a Cam Girl

After joining the right webcamming site and creating a great profile, you are ready for your first shoot. But for the live performance, you will need some technical equipment. Don’t worry you don’t need to be a techie being as common technical equipment will be enough for your first performance. Generally, you will need a laptop (or desktop computer), a webcam, and a stable internet connection.

The first requirement is a laptop or a desktop computer. Initially, you need not buy the newest version of the laptop. A functional computer is the only requirement. However, make sure that your computer is bug-free (virus-free).

Next, you will need a good webcam. If you are short on budget then the built-in webcam will do great. But if you want to make some initial investment then buy a good quality external webcam so that your fans can see the best of your cleavage and naughty curves.

Finally, you must have a stable internet connection as your fans will definitely not tolerate any internet speed issues during the show. Your internet must have great upstream and downstream speeds – a fiber internet connection is the most suitable one. If you have all of this tech equipment then you are into the game. However, if you don't have them then still you can perform live as many of the webcamming sites have the option of mobile live. If you have only a smartphone with a good internet connection then you can seduce your fans and can earn in your part-time.

I initially started with a desktop computer and a built-in webcam but as I earned some bucks then I upgraded my tech equipment. I suggest you start with the same.

Setting Up Your Camming Studio

If you’ve got the tech equipment, don’t start at once. Take some time to decorate your camming studio. Normally, the bedroom is the best place to set up your camming studio as it is comfortable.

But you need to make slight changes to your bedroom. You have to present a professional webcam studio to your friends. For this, you have to alter your room's furniture and then install warm lights like blue, purple, and the like. Proper lighting not only enhances the show's visibility but also sets the mood of both the performer and the viewer. You need to have adequate lighting arrangements so that your viewers receive high-quality streaming. In addition to lighting, you need to set up your webcamming area as per your fetish roles and kinks.

I play mistress roles and love to punish young asses so I have a lot of latex and leather costumes and sex toys. Your professional webcamming area also needs to be a well-lighted and themed studio.

How to Increase Your Fan base?

Increasing the fan base is the most challenging part of this erotic modeling journey. Many of the newbies are exhausted at this stage and leave their careers here. I too struggled but I hanged on and followed the following best practices of top webcam models.

You must need to socialize with the community. I often joined the rooms of top-performing webcam models and joined the chat. Poaching fans from other models is against webcamming etiquettes and is therefore not recommended but however, by socializing you will be get noticed by the audience and they will ultimately join your room.

Advertising your social media accounts in your profile is another way of catching new fans and converting your one-time visitor into a permanent customer. Create your accounts on several social media platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter and engage your customers on these platforms.

Finally, you must be consistent in your webcamming schedule. Consistent online timings earn fans’ loyalty. In addition to these considerations, you must wear a great smile when you are online and your outlook, costumes, and sex toys all affect your fans' behavior.

How to Pursue Your Webcamming Career Safely?

The above tips worked for me and of course, they will work for you. By following these standard practices, your webcamming profile will grow and soon you will be a 20,000 USD a month cam girl.

With increasing popularity, a cam girl may face some safety/security issues so you must pay heed to your safety issues as soon as they arise. First of all, don’t sign up for second-tiered webcamming sites as there will be plenty of creeps out there. Second, you may need not reveal your personal information like surname, and family details to your fans, even loyal fans, as this information has nothing to do with your profession.

Finally, several unsatisfied clients may pop up with time. If you have some aggrieved fans, then listen to them and explain your position. If they are still unsatisfied then block them right away as you don’t need them. You should focus on authentic and positive clients rather than making creeps happy. These are some of the ways of dealing with creeps.

Key Take Away

Webcam modeling is a promising career for girls and ladies alike. I have turned this profession into a full-time job even at the age of forty. You can also use your spare time for making some decent money. It is the future of adult entertainment. For joining this profession, you must take some time to research a good webcamming site for yourself. Once you got one then register yourself and create a professional profile. Besides, professional profile, you will need some technical equipment and a professional webcamming studio. Once you have these, you are ready to climb up the ladder and with each passing day, you will only fetch more fans and more money.